12 week fit dad

We literally have a few new programs coming up at the
body transformation centre!
Well we actually need to test drive them all!
Now Just Dads Bootcamp is under way we need to get
our small group training program up and running
“Fat Dad to Fit Dad!”
This is a 12 week weight training program
well you may think you need to do cardio first
but let me blow that myth out of the water for you
right now
Increase muscle mass equals more body fat burnt!
Muscle is metabolically active while fat is not! – just looks bad
So what does fat dad to fit dad entail
well its going to be 12 weeks of
3 sessions per week in our studio
following what we say
we will of course address your posture first
to check you have no problems such as tightness
or weak muscles
we will correct those so you just feel more upright!
Next we will take our skeleton program for the 12 weeks
and take some tests on your current lifts
and then we can manipulate the program individually
so we can monitor your progress!
In 12 weeks expect a massive change in your body
not only physically but mentally!
we all no looking good equals feeling good about the body we are in
now because your on my list
I know your probably feeling like crap right now
and that’s ok,
because this is the perfect time to come try out our service mate!
and we are looking to get this program on the market for about £497!
But as we need guinea pigs who will
- test out our program
- give us feedback every week
- give us measurements and photos
- follow the program to the tee
in return you will have
- a discounted rate of program
- more energy to spend time with your kids
- a smaller waist line
- reduced man boobs if not gone all together
- feel stronger
- more compliments from the mrs
- you will be a inspiration to others!
so how does that sound mate?
you can jump on board at the bottom of this email
we only need 10 guys and we will expect a quick fill up
So simply put sign up like now
oh times….
expect two groups one a.m and one p.m
September 2nd start
In the weekdays as we know you are busy with kids, wife etc
Sign up now deposit just £27
the remainder will auto debit in amonth!
James ” The solution is here” Bacon

Group accountability

Did you know group support is a big factor
as to why people chose to stay on board
I’m going to relate this to exercise as
that’s what I do ;)
so anyhoo I spoke to alot of gym users
over the past few months and they said
the hardest part is keeping them self motivated
to go and workout alone!
It’s all good in my eyes to be doing some sort of
activity to take people off the sofas from watching
the hypnotiser (T.V)
I remember when I was a kid my parents used to kick me out
of the house.
Go play!
Go exercise
but I still managed to be the fat kid!
I’m drifting off topic again!
If you knew you had a group of like minded guys
who were in exactly the same place as you are
right now
Fed up
Bloated belly
No energy
No time to yourself
Would you rather be training with them or
doing your own thing
The gym is for everyone!
Imagine it as a big net in the ocean
while it may have the facilities and flashy
equipment there is no success guaranteed!
Well I’ll leave you with last nights tyre flipping action!
and I hope to see you on Wednesday mate!
06.30am & 7pm
James “all in the same boat” Bacon
ps here is the footage of last night

Don’t be afraid we don’t bite

so yesterday I got an email
from a subscriber on my list
he was asking about our
“James, I’m really interested in starting with
you, however I’m not very fit and I don’t want to
be the unfit beetroot red guy in the room”
See mate we all start some where and the
guys down here are all in the same boat
a few weeks back, they all started in the same place
they were tired of having no energy
tired of feeling like they had let them selfs go abit
they wanted a solution to their problems
that’s when they saw my facebook advert for
They saw the pic of the guy asleep on the sofa
and it hit home the situation they was in.
they saw a solution to their problem
see often when your looking for a solution to your problem
the amount of information is vast
and if we are relating them to the fitness world
we know that gyms are for everyone
and diets don’t work long term right?
See what we have created at JDB
is a group training setting of Dads
and let me tell you these guys rock!
The support they give each other is amazing!
so don’t be afraid to come into something new
you will have to go through pain for sure
but with the group support of the other lads you will be
soon on the road to the strongest version of yourself!
So if you want to come eliminate your fears and move on
to the new you sir
click here >>> Just Dads Bootcamp
James “welcoming you ” Bacon
ps – tip of the day increase your water intake to burn more fat! Easy!

Are you ready for change?

s easier to stay the same right?
If we are in a routine and not happy
it’s still easier to stay the same than change
If we eat healthy Monday- Thursday
then the weekend hits and we have a blow out
on booze and kebabs
it’s easier to stay the same than change right?
See no one wants change
only when the pain of staying the same becomes
more than the pain of change, that’s when
you will change.
Embracing the pain you are in right now is hard
you don’t want to feel the pain of exercise
let’s be honest exercise most of the time can suck!
Sweaty & pan for a few days after
who really wants that?
But you know it does have it’s good pointers
if you embrace than initial mental barrier
perhaps also the biggest thing holding people
back is fear
I too was afraid to step into the gym when I was
often I stood out side for 30 minutes
thinking “how do I even step into this place
You may be better off with some group support
of like minded people
Just last month I started working with the guys
and they have come so far!
Like last night they were squatting 100kg
and bench pressing 80kg
That’s crazy!
But we are on a 50% taking the pace back down
before we start another month of getting results
Most Dads lost a stone in month 1!
You too could be feeling alot better in just 1 month!
How would that make you feel?
More energy would be great would it not?
Anyhoo mate
I’ll catch you tomorra!
James “proud of the dads” Bacon
ps – nothing here today amigo

Why am I not losing weight?

I get asked all the time especially by
our female clients
“why am I not losing weight ?”
See the answer is simple
you are losing body fat and gaining some
lean muscle
your not being consistent with what you
are implementing into your life
I’ve explained the first one alot of times
about how weight is everything inside of your body
while we can go deep into that, I will touch on it
another time.
The consistency is always the hard bit to get right
Minimum of 3 training sessions per week and eating
well 90% of the time is key!
If you just follow those 2 rules and nothing else
I bet you would lose more than you have lost in
a long time!
See what I’m seeing at the moment is all these £9.99
a month gyms
it’s kind of a good thing to encourage people to take no
risk frills on there health
but your still probably wasting
1) money
2) time
if your not sure what your really doing then you won’t
now where you really going or how to get there mate
Our Just Dads Bootcamp guys are all in the same boat
that means I know exactly how to get the most out of them
where as the gym is just a membership numbers game
I’m only working with who I want to.
you can come and join us for a few sessions they
run at these times
Monday, wednesday and friday 6.30am and 7pm
we also give you some group support, nutrition planning
and home weight workouts to do
Between the dads last month they lost over 6 stone between them!
Just fill out our application form
and I’ll drop you a call to discuss your best route :)
James “bring on monday” Bacon

Has your sex drive gone?

Wowzers Big session at 6.30am
this morning
set the challenge 5 rounds of 40/20 (work/rest)
weighted circuits!
Was maximum effort from everyone for sure!
These guys have come so far in just 4 weeks of training
and I’m hoping the results ave been worth it!
I’m not going to say results come easy
you got to get out of the comfort zone dood!
Think how long
it’s taken to end up in your current situation.
if you want results then a few months work is
what is needed.
But it’s not just about results
it’s what’s deeper than them
I mean we all like to think as the goal
being weight loss
but the deeper reason
maybe your confidence
your sex drive has gone
you want to get back in the dating game
you fear your mrs will leave you if you stay fat
we need to figure out what your island is
the boat (weight loss) is just a tool to make you get
to your island.
Generally when I used to be over weight I just wanted to feel
good about the body I was in.
But when we had mylee I put a good 14lbs back on
I used excuse after excuse and I’m a personal trainer
(yup we struggle sometimes too)
My goal was to have more and more energy to keep up with her
and be able to have more years with her!
Healthy Dad!
So that’s why I started Dad’s Bootcamp
and the results are coming in and the island is in sight
You can join us for our next program we start on the 28th!
Just drop me a £10 deposit for 7 days then tell me if you wanna
stay on or not
it’s not for everyone – just action takers!
James “getting you to your island” Bacon

Drink Beer & Lose Weight


We all like to relax a little
I mean even me
Like last night I was obsessing over some
chocolate cookies
I had the thought of them fixated into my brain
I wanted them
I needed them
Did you know craving chocolate means you have a
magnesium deficiency?
I’l be sure to get some magnesium next time – yummy!
Anyway back to the point
cravings start in our head
it’s like a trance
you get fixed on something and you must have it
no matter what
But you can break these thought patterns quite quickly
see the brain knows no difference from reality to thoughts
All you need to do is replace those thoughts with something
or replace the habit
Either way now and again we like to enjoy the bad stuff
it makes us happy!
Like my guys down at Dads Bootcamp
they have beer and takeaways and still get results!


Recent Studies Mean JACK SHIT

Ever read those boring scientific research studies?
You now the one where they give you some boring facts
about how they tested group a and group b……yawn
Well alot of trainers do this aswell
To be honest it bores the crap out of me
See i’ve always been a results based dude
I know how to get results
with simple nutrition and exercise
plus a few mindset tweaks.
It’s pretty clear to you if you had
some before and after pics compared to
a case study
that the pics would excite you more.
But now days there’s like hundreds and hundreds
of those and you don’t know whether to believe them or not
See no one ever tells you about the struggle
like for example one of my clients
Andy business owner with kids, married, struggles for energy
to play with his kids.
But still made a decision to join us at Just Dads Bootcamp
despite his struggles with every day busyness
and has still managed to smash off 14lbs already!
to be honest all the Dads are in the same struggles
that’s why I started the group up
because just like me a busy Dad I can make time for my health
and help other dads just like me make a big impact to there
energy and waist line!
No studies here just doing a few hours a week exercise and eating
well and boom! You got results!
And we are not part of the chicken and broccoli crew either :)
(Those the dudes at the crowded gyms pumping iron)
Did you know just eating the same foods is considered a eating disorder?
I’ll touch on that another time.
Any way mate if your feeling you want to try out our camp
then you just need to click here
James “not part of the norm” Bacon


You are not a victim

In today’s email I want to talk to you
about implementing a new mindset
Now let’s just clarify mindset first off
The dictionary defines mindset as

1. A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.

2. An inclination or a habit.

Now I want you to think about your current mindset towards

a new life stlye

If I know you and have done my homework right

Your probably thinking that it’s alot of hard work

and you don’t really have the energy or time to do anything

about it right now.

But you want to do something

or you wouldn’t be on this email list.


Your probably just toying with the idea at the


After all you used to be fit right?

I know mate

It’s not easy having kids although we shouldn’t use them

as an excuse we kind of do.


Then before we know it we are 2 stone heavier.

One of my clients said the other day

he was happy that he now has more energy to play with

his children!

He was running about all weekend with his nippers!

How cool is that?


So what I invite you to do right now

is think of exactly where you want to be in 12 months



Do you still want to be stuck in a rut of “thinking about it”


You have taken action and you can see a massive difference to your

body and energy!


The second one sounds more appealing to me!

Time goes quickly when you think about it

And every month or year you waste

the harder your thoughts in your head become

“I can’t do it”

“I’ll start Monday”

“I’m happy fat”

You see where I’m going?


You are 100% responsible for your

current situation.

You can blame others

but you are not a victim!

Today you should say this

“I go beyond the fears and limitations of other people”

And make the decision of joining our Dads only Bootcamp

a no brainer :)


James “if not now then when” Bacon


ps just drop me a form and I’ll be in touch

>> https://jdbrawfitness.wufoo.eu/forms/dads-bootcamp/


Ben Lost 1 stone in 4 weeks

I can’t believe the results
the guys are getting down at
the body transformation centre!
Literally they are smashing it!
Ben told me that he has lost
1 stone in just 4 weeks with us!
Well done mate, proud coach :D
but he didn’t do anything crazy to get those results
just listened and implemented
plus worked hard in the sessions
2 sessions most days!
But you find it harder to lose weight
as you get older?
In fact exercise especially weight
slows the process of
ageing down or reverses it somewhat.
It’s true that after 25 our body will naturally
lose some muscle each year if we don’t
But if we weight train and get our physiology
sorted (hormonal balance)
Weight loss is easy!
In fact since becoming a Dad i kind of put on like
1.5 stone myself.
But I’m now probably the strongest version of myself
as I had to push through the excuses
and we can’t use our kids as an excuse right?
If we can find the time to do the meaningless
things like piss about on facebook
we can find the time to fit 3 hours training in a week
if you want some pretty cool results like Ben has been getting
you can apply now to join us
If yo have already filled in the form
just drop me a message and I’ll give you a call!
James “results matter” Bacon
Ps if you have to think about it, we are probably not for you
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