Big Fat Denial

If you currently stuck between a rock and a hard place still in denial
about your health and of course your waist line you should probably
take the time to read this email……
This year just gone saw the launch of Just Dads Bootcamp
at body revive in Long Eaton.
We have had some pretty fantastic results with the dads
while some have quit the program for whatever reason
The guys who are still here week in and week out are getting those
So why does Just Dads Bootcamp have the edge over for say your
usual gym membership.
Well first off it’s a niche amigo!
That means unless your a Dad you won’t get in!
That makes it exclusive
So you can bet you will find Dads just like you in the same situation
trying to have more energy and lose the gut!
<<<< That means no intimidating carpet carriers or scantily dressed peeps in Lycra>>>>
While our current clients all have different goals they are all here
for the same reason deep down
So they can see their kids longer in life
I had a couple of guys come through earlier in the year saying they
were simply out of breath from playing with the kids and
they wanted to feel more energy so that they could do so with ease!
A few months on and alot of weight dropped they are looking great
and actually enjoy coming to sessions
Now being the coach and a father myself I know it’s sometimes just
impossible to get the sessions in
with family commitments, work, wife nagging ;)
You kind of put your health to one side sometimes.
Then it creeps up on you and you tell yourself you need
to change now!
I’ve had a few others through the door who’s journey
was cut short again through other commitments
but in that time I hope they learned a 20 minute workout a day
can make all the difference.
It’s coming up to Christmas now and I’m sure that your thinking
of your little dudes and lasses and you know your waist line will
get bigger form over eating!
But make no mistake about your health,
How does your current health and fitness rate out of 10?
If your happy right now you probably wouldn’t be on my email list.
January is the biggy in this industry and I bet your contemplating doing
something to helping you feel better!
So what do we actually do in our sessions?
Well if you come join us at 6am
(when the little people are still asleep)
You will get some strength and conditioning style weight sessions
that will help you burn a lot of blubber and of course tone up your
The evening sessions (7pm) are usually a variety of metabolic circuits
and or boxing!
Nothing too outrageous and if your fitness isn’t the best right now
I’ll work with you on that.
The scariest thing is getting started, walking into a room of people
who have been coming a while,
but that’s why our group works because it’s full of people who
are in the same situation as you – all dads!
The next step to make a change is to simply fill in our form
Right so January is of course January jeans – this program generates weight loss
results like crazy
Last year a couple who were clients of mine lost over 50lbs between them!
That’s crazy – and they kept it off before you ask!
But amigo fill in the form and we can have a chat about it on the phone or email!
James ” January Jeans” Bacon

Why eating food helps….

First thing first……
Meal replacement is this the way forward to a leaner body?
The answer is simple and you probably already guessed it -NO!
I’m excited to tell you all about why replacing meals is not the way today!
The market is now flooded with quick fixes,
Herballife, juice plus, slim fast and weight watchers to name a few.
But as the consumer of these products are you aware what nutrition
content each of these products has
To be honest I didn’t know either until I started reading studies into
them and what I saw was pretty bad
No wonder people are losing weight.
I mean I’m hearing people are drinking 2 shakes a day and only
eating one meal!
That is crazy talk!​
I’m not going to be going into the weight loss vs fat loss rant today.
(I’ll save that one for another email)
But I invite you to open your eyes a little bit past the quick fixes you are
looking for
Think long term here
Answer these questions
Can you be doing this replacing meals with shakes forever?
What happens when you come off them?
Do you know what is in them?
A liquid meal is really only required after training in my opinion
This is to get a quick blast of protein to aid recovery.
I can also go as far as saying smoothies are ok for breakfast
if your time is limited.
If you want true weight loss long term you need to learn to
master your hormones.
Especially Leptin! – that’s the one that will help the most!
If you have a healthy hormone balance then your weight loss
will come very easy.
Adding these chemical filled drinks into your body will only
upset your natural body balance.
I can show you how this can be done in our new program
coming up in November (11th)
James ” No juice plus please ” Bacon

Training or Entertaining

I’m sure this is a topic/argument that will come up a lot in the fitness & coaching game.

Trainers like to slag each other off, under the false pretense that they are giving constructive criticism to a fellow coaches programming.

Believe me; this happens way more often than it should!

I should know… I do it… I often think I’m providing constructive criticism only to realise the other coach is nowhere near me, and I have never had the chance to question their reasoning.
Now as a client, this is where YOU need to take some responsibility, make sure you are being educated in the process of training.
This is where I will begin my ‘argument’. The amount of times people come to me – these are
friends of mine to by the way, and say ‘Sh*t man, have you been to #$%^$$##% over at
#$#%%$##%?! Dude, that guy F*cked me up. No joke, 45 minutes and I couldn’t move. We did
monkey bars, 100 pushups, snatches and 800m jogging for rounds. I couldn’t believe it.I have
never even completed 1 push up!’
Now that’s great, good for you pal. But guess what? Chances are you still haven’t completed a
successful push up, and now you can’t move for a week, so you won’t do anything till this time
next week…
So here is the issue, a lot of trainers panic and are terrified of losing clients if at any point they
feel clients aren’t enjoying a session. Guess what? Who gives a sh*t… Yes, training should be
fun. However, a coach is there to get results for the client – that is what they pay for isn’t it?
So be careful, running around like a chicken, picking your nose while standing one legged on a
swiss ball with a circus dumbbell twirling around in your spare hand may look awesome. Hell,
chances are it’s challenging as sh*t too. But what is it providing you? What benefits will YOU
(the client) see from ‘investing’ (wasting) 30-60 minutes of your time full of exercises of a
similar nature? Sweat? Major DOMS? $%#^$%# says it how athletes train? HA… Behave.
Whether you are a bodybuilder, strength competitor, or athlete you will see common
programming principles and exercises that are applied across the board.

These are the same principles that have stood the test of time. You think your coach is fussed about making every
session based on entertainment value? Or chasing and achieving results? If you are a paying
client, why would you expect any different? After all, looking or performing like the above is the
reason you hired someone, right?
So now a days, conjugated training systems are taking over linear periodisation (particularly
over the short term). Conjugated training includes raising all aspects of fitness slowly, but surely
throughout a set period. This is great for coaches who only have less than 6 months with a
client – now that doesn’t mean this type of method doesn’t have its place within a linear plan,
but that is a separate topic.
Right, so how do I programme for clients and athletes?
Simple; -
1) Needs analysis – background, sporting/goal demands, movement assessment. This will
form the basis for programme design
2) Avoid training accommodation while maintaining continuity – Make changes but stay on
3) Select the time frame and goal date – Consider the effects of training qualities on
another within a integrated programme
4) Work backwards
Now obviously more detail is needed, but if you are willing to do a bit of reading and apply
these 4 rules, I promise you…. Results will come much easier, with no need to entertain
yourselves or others.

Keep your exercises based on compound movements and their derivatives, again these have
stood the test of time, and will continue to do so.
Snatches, cleans, presses, squats, rows, chins, deadlifts, bench presses, running(not jogging),
sled pulls, and heavy carries will do more than enough. They are basic movements, which train
functionality and load the body the way it was designed too.
Callum Henley
Ps. interested in training with us and joining our Strength Camp then just apply here

Why You Need TO Be Strong

Right so I’m just going to get straight into the meat and potatoes of this email
Why you need to be strong….
To quote Mark Rippetoe -
‘Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and are more useful in general’

Now at first glance, this may seem offensive, but the man has a point.
Again, I will always say this…. No one is expecting you to hit elite totals in powerlifting or
weightlifting ranks, but all programmes need to develop some form of strength.
So how do you do this (analogy coming up) K.I.S.S – Keep it simple stupid
Strength comes in many forms, but the strength I am talking about is on your feet.
Jumping, sprinting, and lifting heavy sh*t
Something that made me realise this even more was my ‘return’ to competition.
As you may know, or may not know, my back ground is swimming.
I haven’t been in the pool for the best part of 5/6 months.
But I agreed to help my old swimming club out and anchor their relay team.
So……I dropped in last night for the warm up swim and FU*K ME!
I noticed the few extra kilos I had packed on since staying out of the pool.
So as you can imagine, I worried a little – thought I was going to flop and let down the swimmers.
Anyway, like a brick I decided to pull out the foam roller and spend half an hour trying to loosen off
FYI – this helped, and I now re learned the reason why I did this every day when I swam
(and why I will now bring it back into my daily routine – you should too)
So here it was – my grand return HA :P
Anyway my swim didn’t feel too bad, I enjoyed it, felt strange being back in….
Popped to the coach for my time – guess what – I hadn’t missed a beat
My time was around my best times I had ever swum.
yet the only thing I do now, is train big lifts for strength, with the odd exercises to work on my weakness
Just goes to show the importance of strength, and keeping training simple.
What I am going to suggest now is to take our last few places and become a Weekend Warrior
This programme is simple, and very effective – After this initial guinea pig trial to show YOU
that it works, the price will altered to the worth of the programme, so take advantage.
Callum ‘staying strong’ Henley
PS click here to become a Weekend Warrior

when the pain becomes too much

Perhaps the biggest worry about starting exercise is
always the question
“will I be the un-fittest one there?”
“will I be the fatest one there”
It’s always difficult to get over these sorts of
thoughts and often they can lead to you not
starting at all…..
I’m going way back now to when I was overweight
like 14 years ago
Yup I was exactly in the thought pattern
of the above
I’d had enough of being chunk
I mean size 38 waist and around 16 stone
was not a good look or a comfortable feel
for me
It was kind of embaresing that I had got myself
in that mess
I just knew I wanted to change
And the gym was the one thing that I shy
away from
1. Exercise was not my thing at school
2. The thought of exercising in front of others scared the shit outta me
3. I didn’t know how to get fit
It took alot for me to walk through the doors and I probably owe alot
to my friend for the push
Or I probably wouldn’t be a personal trainer now
See it usually takes the pain of what your in now to be more
than the pain of change to get your self in gear
If your not quite there yet
That’s cool
You just sit tight and read my emails :D
Just so you know Group training is really the way
especially when you are in with the same like minded
guys like in just dads bootcamp
It’s pretty easy to see why our guys are getting some
pretty insane results not only in weight loss
but also energy
better posture
You can come join us too on a trial week 
Just fill out our quick 3 minute form below
And I’ll get you booked in for a consultation and the pass :D
James “first steps” Bacon


HEYYYY Nottingam

I’ve kinda been thinking about the last month in
Where do I want it to go……
See for the last few months It’s been a really shit time
alot of transition which is fine,
people taking the piss…which is lessons learned
sometimes you have to think just let them get on with it….
But now I’m at a point where I’m going to be choosing
who I train very carefully….
See there are energy vampires who suck the life out of you
They don’t want to really do anything about the situation they
are in,
they just want to be heard and hope for a miracle,
Check this out for crazy
people are valuing their health at an all time low
Count up the cost per month on good things for your health
against the bad things
Which is higher?
And tell everyone on facebook how miserable they are
because they are fat!
See I know exactly what it’s like to be fat too
I  used to battle with my weight for years
But only when you realise you are the one responsible
for your outcome,
will you change.
It’s not hard really it’s just getting a solid plan into place
Structured one that works…..
Last night a couple of our Barbell Booty Babes
clients mentioned their clothes were feeling alot better
on them already!
3 weeks in!
That’s crazy huh?
Well kind of excited me and Callum to see the ladies
are getting results just as we said they would :D
Oh well that’s about it for today sweet!
Jump on board barbell booty babes
It really is the best investment you will make in your health this year!
James ” Let the vampires go” Bacon



I need you to take some positive action

I mean because positive thoughts become positive

actions and they become habits etc….


Or however it is written,


Perhaps you are stuck right now,


You want to make a change to your health


for whatever reason it is that’s your goal,


You do want to hit it right?


I could help you,


I have helped alot of fed up people in my time of



Exercise my friend is just a minor part of the long game


we had a discussion this morning about fluctuating weight

through dieting,


Lose a stone


gain it back


viscous cycle really


No long term changes to the way you are thinking about



Eating take aways, because it’s easier to do so than cook


yes we live in a busy society where we can’t seem to make

any time for our selfs


then we gain weight and do some crazy crash diet to

try and lose it



Stop that bull shit!





What’s more is that if you are training hours upon hours in the gym

and restricting your food intake


your heading for a meltdown


Your body Does Not change in the gym


It changes when you are fast asleep


and for that change to take place you need to eat food!


Real food!


But we can get into that another email…….



Today’s action point for you to do is jump on our barbell booty 

babes October intake!


it will help you finally achieve that goal


Our sessions have already started filling up for Ocotber

we literally can only take on 10 people at a time

This program is butt firming

stomach flattening

and energy increasing!

Hope that makes sense haha

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<< sign up for results

Right that me done :)


James ” off to catch up on sleep” Bacon


ps >> did you know in January 90% of new gym users quit after 2 weeks


I say it’s the gyms fault! More on this tomorrow



Why Ben got excited measuring himself

Today one of my clients Ben
yeah we talk about him alot!
The others will be getting jealous haha
He told me he had lost 2 sizes in his work suit
as he went for a fitting yesterday
that’s pretty impressive for 11 weeks
that also means hes 21lbs down (1.5 stone)
I mean that’s a big amount man!
If you put 21lbs on butter next to you you could see
how much!
Don’t go buying 21bs or butter from asda dude,
The mrs will shout at you!
Anyhoo imagine how much that has made a difference
to his every day life
the less body fat you have
in turn the more energy you will have!
What about Louis who is well on his way to a size 34 waist!
Louis is well over 2 stone loss already in 11 weeks aswell!
Plus he’s running the half marathon next month! – boom!
Pretty sweet deal for the little amount I charge for these results eh?
But away from results for a moment
People are scared to death of them
“OOOOO you shouldn’t eat carbs after 6pm”
“OOOOO Avoid carbs they make you fat”
plenty more bullshit like that…..
truth is
over eating makes you fat
eating the wrong foods like processed shite makes you fat
Truth is some people can’t handle carbs at all
But in most if you cut them out for a sustained long period
your thyroid will suffer!
yeah carbs can be the devil dude
but they are energy too!
Like after a weights session…..
If I didn’t have carbs
I’d feel like absolute shit the next day!
So anyway
I can teach you all you need to know about all this in
BUT…..It’s only for Dads who want to take action!
James ” off for some porridge” Bacon
ps – 12 week physique details tomorrow amigo!


Human Alert

Ok my man it’s been a few hours
since my last email!
of course somedays you won’t even get any
thing from me
It really depends if I have anything to say
There was a few questions over my facebook
profile picture today
“James, were you drinking this weekend?”
Yes Mary sometimes I like to party too!
You know it must be the biggest industry full of bs
clients often think you are perfect
you don’t have any problems with eating anything
other than lettuce and drinking protein shakes
I couldn’t think of anything more satisfying haha
well truth be told I once too was obese!
Yeah I weighed in at about 16 stone
But that was because I hated exercise and
didn’t know any better about the food I was given
I guess if there is no education then this is a sure
fire thing
I take my hat off to Jamie Oliver for the mission he
undertook to make school dinners healthy!
But let’s get back to the point here
As a trainer I sometimes let the breaks off a little
you know how they say
“you only live once!!
Well that is true but the quality of what we put
into our bodies will either prolong or decrease
life expectancy
Unless you get run over by a bus (what does that even mean)
Anyhoo you can say oh you should be leading by example
well 90% of the time I am!
I know what works for me and if I’m on a down week
I want to cheer myself up with friends :D
Not to bore you anyway
just wanted to say I’m human too!
Kind of like all my Dads down at bootcamp
Making small changes every week and still enjoying life
These guys are not looking to be ripped
just feel better about the body that they are in
and have more energy to play with their children!
Want to give it ago?
James “Human too” Bacon

Which one are you?

Monday again dude

What did you do last week that made your life better

see what I used to do is dwell on what I did or

rather didn’t do last week

and Hoped for a better week ahead

But it doesn’t quite work like that I’m afraid

As the saying goes….

The pessimist complains about the wind

The optimist expects it to change

The realist adjust the sails

Which one are you?

That can pretty much tie in with your weight loss goals

You can complain about your current situation

pointing the finger at everyone else

you can expect it to change by not really taking the

right action to get you there

or you can adjust your current habits to make sure

you get the results you are after

See it’s pretty simple to see that we need to actually

make important changes to succeed.

You can start adjusting the sails right now

by filling in this short form


What you do now is directly

Going to impact your tomorrow :)

James “fill in the form” Bacon

ps >>>


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